Amina Benzina – President’s Bio

After 12 years of activity as an IT manager in Morocco, Amina Benzina came to Canada in 1997. Being an IT Engineer with a passion for management, she completed an MBA at Université Laval in 2002. Her responsibilities as project manager and then as manager at SSQ, Cognicase and CGI, in combination with her personal proficiencies, have increased her passion for management and entrepreneurship. Lifted by her love of the trade, her will to promote project management and her experience in personnel development, Amina decided to take the challenge in November 2008 and make a dream come true by creating Services conseils ABna inc. ( ISO certified), of which she is President and CEO. Supported by the strength of her employees and partners, ABna has since then been offering high-quality management coaching and support services, project management services, her core business, as well as strategic consulting services.

Mrs. Benzina has been working in the IT and management fields for 30 years.  Throughout this experience, she gained a vast expertise in governance and public sector management, project management, coaching and team building.

Amina has also completed a series of certifications, such as PMP, Scrum Master, ISO Auditor and the ASC certification from the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés du Québec.

From 2006 until 2014, Mrs. Benzina was an active administrator on the board of directors at the PMI (Project Management Institute) in Lévis-Québec. There, she took on the roles of VP-Communications and VP-Colloque.