Organizational Transformation and Performance

Our center of expertise in organizational performance and transformation regroups numerous experts and certified consultants in the fields of agility, continuous improvement, change management, business intelligence and quality assurance. A team of experts with several years of experience who are working with business leaders and team projects in a wide variety of activities. Vibrant, innovative and attuned to emerging trends and the market best practices, our center of expertise listens to our clients’ needs, proposing innovative solutions which are adapted to the context of the organizations.

In an ever-changing world, we are surrounded by new technologies which require organizations to constantly increase performance. ABna is here to help you get there.


The objectives of our center of expertise in organizational transformation and performance

  • To help organizations to increase their performance and stay competitive by introducing an organizational transformation approach that enables an Agile culture and allows (organizations) to quickly and continuously transform, learn, innovate, reorganize, redefine and adapt.
  • To provide a diverse pool of available consultants who possess the skills and knowledge in organizational performance and transformation.

Our fields of action consist of two major themes, fundamental to the success of every transformation:

  • Employees mobilization and engagement.
  • Productivity, efficiency and performance.
Organizational Culture

Properly know the culture of your organization.

Organizational culture is a set of values, beliefs and expectations shared by employees, influencing their behavior at work. These behaviors address people skills, the know-how and how to act together. Toward a successful transformation, leaders and employees must share a common vision. Organizational culture is definitely measurable!

The benefits:

  • Facilitate employee mobilization and engagement.
  • Facilitate employee adherence and change management.
Change Management

Reach the expected results in a sustainable way.

We cannot consider a transformation without addressing change management.

Human beings are catalysts for change. It is therefore essential to involve them from the very beginning of the process. Each individual is different and is experiencing change differently. Hence the importance to regularly take the pulses of the teams, and know how to intervene quickly.

Change management is a complex process in which no steps can be neglected, otherwise the success of the approach is seriously undermined.

The benefits:

  • Mobilize and engage employees toward your vision and real issues.
Process Management and Operational Efficiency

Performance involves processes.

Careful attention to your company’s management requires to revise its key processes, because the performance is directly and greatly linked with all of the administrative and operational processes. Effective management of processes is therefore a powerful lever for every company that seeks success, stability and growth.

This mobilization towards operational efficiency will allow the different company’s stakeholders to be involved in the process and clarify the roles and responsibilities of the process’ stakeholders.

The benefits:

  • Mobilize and engage employees toward your vision and real issues.
Data Valorization

Properly know your organization.

Companies are being overwhelmed with data, which is increasing at a rate between 35 and 50 % each year. Many organizations are unable to fully exploit their data.

It is important to find balance between the need, the quality and quantity of data since it will be transformed into pertinent information, which will guide the decision-making process within organizations.

The benefits:

  • Reduce the costs of data storage.
  • Automate or facilitate decision making processes.
Technology Integration

Technologies at the service of the organization.

Nowadays digital transformation of companies is simply inevitable.

Far beyond the newest technological gadgets, digital transformation implies a change of your company’s culture, using data and technologies for quick and accurate decision making to better attend to your clients’ needs.

Within this perspective of digital opportunity, the organization must better synchronize its efforts to successfully achieve this transformation, both humanly and technologically speaking.

The benefits:

  • Choose the best suited technologies for your organization for a better return on investment.