Our structured approach

With the implementation of a culture of continuous improvement and performance, we use an approach based on the DMAIC and DEMING methods.

Establish a shared vision
  • During our interventions we facilitate meetings between leaders, to confirm their alignment towards a common vision of the projects and its areas of focus (their expectations and perceptions). This upgrade is necessary to enhance the alignment with the organization’s culture and therefore, better support the different selected projects.
  • Shared understanding of the used approach and procedure (methods and tools). Trainings are provided and scheduled in the work plan.
  • Shared understanding of the mandate and the processes that need revision and/or optimization.
Measurement and analysis
  • Diagnosis of the situation and target identification, in reference with the productivity diagnosis.
  • Confirm the scale of the intervention and determine the objectives that need to be achieved.
  • Identify the priority projects to work on.
Intervention plan
  • Understand the context of the organization and adapt the method and tools, in order to facilitate the success of improvement projects.
  • Define an intervention plan.
  • Define a strategy and a change management plan (training, communication and support).
Implementation process (co-creation workshops)
  • Conduct co-creation workshops (Kaizen) with all of the involved shareholders.
  • Quickly test the deliverables defined during workshops and make continuous improvements.
Benefits auditing
  • Confirm the achievement of objectives, following the implementation of the action plan. Maintain a working presence throughout the deployment of the action plan and regular follow-ups with the project team.