Project management

Since the very beginning, project management is at the core of ABna expertise, our experts adopt a unique approach while taking into account the overall vision of the organization and its architectural aspects. This way of working allows to properly manage the scope, costs and budgets for programs, portfolios or the projects entrusted to them. A particular focus on capacity management of your organization allows our experts to quickly pinpoint optimization possibilities in terms of resources. ABna expertise in project management is wide and covers all of its aspects.

Project management

The objectives of the center of expertise in project management

  • To offer assistance and projects management that is customized to your organization, using Agile and/or traditional methods.
  • Develop and implement tools.
  • To conduct audit and realign projects in difficulty (adapted strategies of implementation).

Management framework and project governance

To help you properly manage your projects.

One of the keys to successful projects is a well-defined organization, in terms of both strategy and operation. It is important to well and clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the project stakeholders and decision makers.

The benefits:

  • Facilitate communication between different stakeholders, both internal and external to the project.
  • Develop and implement a coherent methodology of standard processes, adapted to your organization.
  • Offer a greater visibility of risks and issues that can impact the results of your projects.
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities, to be properly understood by all.
  • Facilitate decision making.
Portfolio management and organizational capacity

To properly chose your projects and manage your capacity.

Portfolio management is a considerable step towards a better management of limited resources.

Projects portfolio management is a strategic process that aims, first and foremost, to the realization of good projects and projects programs, in other words, those capable of increasing and maximizing the desired benefits set by the organization, following projects delivery.

The ultimate goal of portfolio management of corporate projects is to initiate a set of projects that are:

  • Aligned with the strategic objectives.
  • Representing the best possible choices in terms of profit maximization for all of its strategic objectives and for a given level of investment.
  • Ensuring optimum balance between the goals of the organization, ability to achieve its projects, associated risks, and return on investments (ROI).

The benefits:

Portfolio management allows to implement efficient processes to:

  • Identify and prioritize projects that are aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Appropriately assess the organizational capacity to achieve the selected projects.
  • Appropriately allocate limited resources.
Project and program management

Reach your destination.

Project management that focuses on people and aims to maximize individual and collective engagement. We support businesses in the achievement of their projects to quickly obtain the benefits.

The benefits:

  • Efficiently plan the project with regard to time and available resources.
  • Master, control and manage the risks associated with the ongoing projects within your organization.
  • Ensure the achievement of goals and a desired level of quality.