Strategic consulting

Strategy, innovation and technology are at the core of ABna center of expertise when it comes to strategic consulting. ABna helps its clients to develop strategies that are tightly linked to the goals and business priorities of the organization while providing support for appropriate governance approaches, to maximize value. Based on its international experience, its strong knowledge of the industry, and a global reference data base, ABna is able to offer the best suited strategies and assist you with their implementation. Within this framework, ABna intervenes particularly at the level of processes, value chains and management of business requirements.

The objectives of the center of expertise in strategic advising

• To offer an innovative approach to manage transformation or the optimization of companies, and to increase performance with coherence and integrity.
• To contribute to structuring the evolution of business’ needs by adopting the best strategies, governance approaches, architectures and implementation methodologies.
• To generate significant improvement in terms of efficiency, efforts and ultimately, financial gain.

Planification of strategic initiatives


To help develop strategies that are linked to your priority objectives.

To know the possibilities in term of growth, plan for growth, reduce the risks of failure and define strategic choices of development.

The benefits:

  • Proposal and implementation of strategies that are best suited to your organization.
  • To ensure concordance between your organization and favourable circumstances.
  • To tackle emerging issues, make choices, solve problems and define a common language.


Evolution of business models


To help you innovate, at your own rhythm.

To position yourself in the market, ensure your growth and profitability, and increase your credibility.

The benefits:

  • Clear insight on how to create value within your organization.
  • Innovative strategies that tapped the full potential of information technologies and business innovations.
  • Identify trends and anticipate the effects.


Feasibility study and opportunity analysis


To help you with the analysis of future benefits.

Identify the scope of projects, determine the current situation, identify your needs, clarify the desired situation, the expected results and determine the impacts.

The benefits:

  • Validation of strategic alignment for projects.
  • Prioritization of your projects.
  • Gaining commitment from your organization for the selected projects.